How to Keep Baby Protected from Sunlight

It feels good to take out your baby for a little ride or walk with you. However, when going out with your baby, you must keep in mind some facts that may cause harm to your baby. A little sunshine is good for everyone, but for your baby it can be harmful and even in some serious cases fatal too. It can be worse for the infants below six months as their skin is more sensitive. Some facts are discussed here to aware the parents for best protection.

What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is the result of damage of the skin that occurs due to the ultra-violet rays present in the Sunlight. It causes skin rash, redness of the skin, sore, etc. In severe cases, sunburn also leads to further skin cancer (Melanoma) in most of the people.

When do you get sunburn?

Mostly when the sunlight is strongest and the sun shines brightly around 10a.m. to 3 p.m. However, sunburn is not limited to time actually as it the UV-ray that damages our skin. So, one can get sunburn even in shadowy weather.

Why babies are more sensitive to the sun?

The skin of the baby or infants is too much sensitive to the sun as their skin is thinner than the adults. Infants under six months are more likely to be affected by the sunlight.

How to keep them protected?

Before taking out the babies for a stroll, some tips about sunburn are must know by the parents.

-It is better not taking the infants under six months out of home totally as they can easily be the victim of the UV-rays.

-When taking out older child, parents can keep them in the shade within their carriers or stroller.
Make sure your baby is fully covered with dresses that are loose enough to make them comfortable. Cotton is preferred mostly for the babies. Try covering the body of your baby as much as possible.

-Applying sunscreen is the best way to protect the exposed areas of your baby. However, parents must be very careful while selecting the right sunscreen lotion or cream for the baby. Not all the sunscreen suits your baby skin. Having a patch test to make sure if it has any allergic reaction to the skin of your baby is must to prevent any irritation due to the sunscreen Also, remember to check the ingredients before buying any products and try avoiding any chemical ingredients. There are so many brands to ensure quality baby products for your baby’s skin that contains only natural ingredients. Apply the sunscreen after every two to three hours if your baby is supposed to be under sunlight for a long time.

-Take baby sunglasses and a hat whenever you need to go out with the baby to ensure more safety.

-Try not to stay for a long time under strong sunlight with your baby.

Taking some precautions can make your outing with your baby memorable and enjoyable as well. Planning an outdoor with the best safety measures for your baby help you avoid all the risk for the baby.

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